About Us


"On a scale of 1 to 10, these guys deliver Cuba at an 11." - G. Whalley, Private Travel Client

We're your 'Man in Havana.' Actually, we're an entire team, based in the U.S. and in Cuba. 
Founded in 1990 by Eric Norber, we are several companies (Cultural Contrast, Cuba Handling and Exclusively Cuba), as well as a non-profit foundation (Foundation for Cuba) and a medical consulting firm for U.S. patients seeking unique medical care in Cuba (Cuba Medical Consulting) .

Everything we do in Cuba is based on two criteria: Deliver the best, the most incredible experiences possible for our clients, and ensure that we're directly improving the lives of the Cuban people. With those elements in mind, we've been fortunate enough to help thousands of people visit Cuba, to work on countless humanitarian and social projects in Cuba, and overall we hope that we've helped to bridge the gap between Cuba and the rest of the world.

Our team of in-Cuba content curators are constantly scouring the island, researching and developing new experiences and new content. Our in-Cuba concierge team is always working on ways to deliver the most incredible, personalized travel experiences.


Eric Norber, Founder

Eric Norber, founder - exclusively cuba in HAVANA, cuba. behind: the 'gran Teatro ALICIA ALONSO' and the cuban capitolio, a replica of the u.s. capitol BUILDING.

Eric Norber, founder - exclusively cuba in HAVANA, cuba. behind: the 'gran Teatro ALICIA ALONSO' and the cuban capitolio, a replica of the u.s. capitol BUILDING.

I first traveled to Cuba in 1990 just as the former Soviet Union was ending their support for the island. This was the start of an economically challenging decade (or 3) that the Cubans would euphemistically call the 'special period.' What I found in Cuba was quite different from what I had expected based on what I had been taught in school, etc. I found that Cuba is an indescribably beautiful island with a wonderful people who are resourceful, warm, friendly and happy to welcome U.S. visitors into their homes and eager to share their stories. Cuba's culture, music, history, architecture, and its overall legacy in the world inspired me to create a company that would allow others to legally explore the island, meet the people and discover the same enchanting surprise that I experienced. Today I own several companies and a non-profit foundation dedicated solely to Cuba and to helping the Cuban people, and we are the only U.S. company with a full-time staff based in Cuba. 
Please - allow us to share the real Cuban experience with you.


Our Team

Lyndsay Gendreau.jpg

Lyndsay | Director of US Operations

Having a background in the private jet travel industry gives Lyndsay an unprecedented ability to focus on the details. Lyndsay oversees all operations in the US for Exclusively Cuba and our sister company, Cuba Handling.


Tanja | Director of in-Cuba Operations

Born and raised in Cork, Ireland, and with a background in the marina and luxury yachting industries, Tanya resides in Havana and manages all in-Cuba operations including our concierge staff and content curators.


Josué | in-Cuba Manager & Fixer

A veteran cameraman and film producer, Josué has lived in his native Cuba, Miami and in Russia. His background in tv and film as well as in location & production management allow him to make just about anything happen in Cuba!

Tabitha 2.jpg

Tabitha | Marketing & Social Media

Originally from Florida and having lived most recently in Portland, Oregon, Tabitha's writing, social media and marketing skills are always in demand when trying to convey in words how indescribable an experience Cuba truly is.


Miguel | Professor, Architect, Historian

With a background as a tenured Professor at the University of Havana, an architect, and as a senior advisor in the Office of City Planning for Havana, Miguel offers a unique insight into Cuba's successes, failures and overall history.