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Exclusively Cuba was created in 1990, originally operating under the name Cultural Contrast. For many years we focused primarily on creating what did not exist at that time, organizing group tours to Cuba.  In the 28 years since, we have proudly organized hundreds and hundreds of tours and helped thousands of people to visit Cuba.  We have organized religious tours for churches, synagogues, etc.  We proudly organized the first ever yoga retreat to Cuba, and have since then worked with countless yoga studios and instructors to create memorable yoga trips to Cuba. We also proudly organized the first LGBT trip to Cuba. Additionally, we have tremendous expertise in organizing professional association group travel to Cuba. We have hosted continuing boards of directors meetings, education trips, professional trips for doctors' groups, lawyers' groups, educators, alumni associations, museums, YPO chapters, EO chapters, politicians, business leaders, investors groups, chambers of commerce, and many more.


Events and Trips For Any Group, Club or Organization

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Contact us to discuss how we can work together to create a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime trip for your group.  We partner with groups to create both private and public trips for their members or followers. A perfect example: A yoga studio owner partners with us, we create and deliver an amazing retreat to Cuba in the name of the studio. The studio is responsible for promoting the trip and for engaging participants, Exclusively Cuba handles everything else. Another example: A cigar enthusiast's club wants to organize a trip to Cuba focused on Cuba's cigar industry. Exclusively Cuba organizes an amazing Cigar Enthusiasts' trip to Cuba that is open to the public for participation. Please contact us to discuss creation of a trip for your group, as well as financial details.


We Make It Seamless!

Whatever your area of interest, we can create a seamless trip for your group.  Exclusively Cuba handles all registration and participation paperwork, payment collection, etc.  We are authorized to issue Cuban entry visas for every traveler. Relax and let Exclusively Cuba do all of the work, and deliver an amazing experience for your group, club or organization. 

We can organize ANY type of group travel. Some examples:



Scuba Diving




Cigars + Rum

Family Trips


Pilots Flyaway Trips

Are you a pilot, part of a flying club or an aircraft owner's association? Exclusively Cuba, working together with our sister company Cuba Handling, can organize a turnkey guided pilot's journey to Cuba.  Eric Norber, founder of Exclusively Cuba, is a 16,000+ hour airline and private jet pilot, and has flown to Cuba more than 450 times. We facilitate all of the planning, permits and logistics.  We provide comprehensive pilot briefings and detailed procedures for every pilot. We organize every detail, allowing you to fly to Cuba and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime! Please contact us to discuss organizing a guided pilot's trip to Cuba.


AOPA editor Ian Twombly flying with Eric Norber of Cuba Handling/Exclusively Cuba on a guided trip to Cuba in AOPA's Bonanza A-36.

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Roberto Brown Drake (L) Director of Cuba's Civil Aviation Authority, with Eric Norber (R), founder of Exclusively Cuba


Exclusively Cuba founder Eric Norber (L) with members of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Board of Trustees in Havana, Cuba


Amanda Farnsworth (L), an AOPA Board of Trustees member and friend Dee Turner (R) become the first officially registered all-female crew ever to land in Cuba - as part of an Exclusively Cuba organized trip!


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