Private Itineraries, Not Bus Tours


At Exclusively Cuba we strive to cater to your personal desires by designing a customized experience that will leave you feeling personally and truly connected to your surroundings and exposed to all the beauty and inspiration that Cuba has to offer. Enjoy a sunset cruise in a classic car with the top down on the vibrant streets of Havana. Explore the private studios of Cuba’s most prolific artists. Get a behind-the-scenes tour of Ernest Hemingway’s hilltop estate. Put on your dancing shoes and take a salsa lesson after enjoying a private rum tasting. Escape to the picturesque waterfalls in Trinidad and allow the lush greenery and cascading water charge your soul. Whatever your adventurous heart desires to experience, you can count on Exclusively Cuba to exceed your expectations and deliver in ways you never imagined.

Private Catered Family Lunch
Private group Old Havana

Dedicated Concierge Team

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There is a significant difference between a trip and an experience. We believe that visiting Cuba should be an unforgettable experience. Exclusively Cuba has a full-time staff in Cuba including a Concierge Team dedicated to our clients.  We're always looking for new ways to make your visit to Cuba an experience you'll never forget. Our Concierge Team is constantly thinking and planning ahead... reconfirming reservations, organizing logistics, arranging VIP and behind-the-scenes visits, organizing private concerts, securing VIP tickets, coordinating with local contacts and vendors, and making sure that everything is seamless. Our team has worked with unique clients including the Rolling Stones, Larry Page, CNN, Anthony Bourdain, NPR, celebrities and musicians, diplomats, royalty and heads of state from around the world...  We will ensure that your experience in Cuba is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

One thing cannot be overstated- when it comes to creating an itinerary in Cuba, there is no substitute for the local expertise Exclusively Cuba provides.





Lodging Options


Each itinerary is custom designed according to your interests and budget, and we will advise you of the options available based on your travel dates and your requested standards. Exclusively Cuba maintains a comprehensive list of private rental homes and hotels available for your stay. From quaint and cozy estate-homes on a hillside, to colorful apartments in bustling neighborhoods, to luxury Spanish colonial villas and mansions with on-site butlers and kitchen staff, we can ensure your stay will exceed your expectations from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.